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A sly fox that emulates the idol of all 1337 users of the Internet. Often claimed by non-1337 script kiddies that wish they were 1337 "liek JeffK". See "1337", "pwn0r1z4t10n" and "hX".
"I r teh 1337 haxx0r my walls are goen!!"

"Oh noes I haev been haxx3d by a sly fox!"

"Mistar Stassi si teh 1337!!!!111"
"ROFLMAOLOLOL yuo fag0rt yuo forgot to saey haxx0r, n00b"
by Stasis AMK3 August 12, 2003
l33t spelling for hacker
Wow! That haxx0r fux0rd my puter. How can I get all my porn back?
by Shib March 09, 2004
A Term used to describe a hacker. usually used by cyber-nerds on counter strike and crap like that. Also used to describe ownage,Pwnage. Like when the guy doesnt appreciate that he just basicly got his ass kicked fair and sqaure.
1. OMFG HAxx0r
2. Bullshit your a HAxx0r
by Dominic-666 December 24, 2006
The hackage you have acess to on your comp. Mostly used to refer to hacks ranging from computer gaming to cracking government computers.
MarioTwins:Did you see that? I Pwned that slayer with my uber-broken haxx0rs!

Nightwave: lol,yeah they got PWned.
by Squall December 09, 2004
The act if hacking. One can also spell it "h4x0r" or "h4xx0r", to name a few.
"I gained access to his computer illegally, and haxx0r3d him!"
by Frederick Szczepanski June 28, 2004
Name used to parody script-kiddie "hackers"
Script Kiddie: I am so 1337
Bob: rofl, bet he haxx0rs using sub7
Script Kiddie: Yeah, its w00t
by Joshtek July 01, 2003
Name used to parody of script-kiddie "hackers"

someones who haxx0rs haxx0rs is a haxx0r.

Sometimes written (typed) haxxor.
Script Kiddie: I am so 1337!!!
Bob: Do you haxx0r using sub7?
Script Kiddie: Yeah, its w00t!!!
by Joshtek July 01, 2003
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