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a hacker
die you motherfucking awp camper haxxor piece of shit.
by sezmatic June 08, 2003
247 78
1. To use a program or act as a script kiddy to give you unfair advantages over other people, usualy in online video games.

2. To define that you're the best or cool... in a leet sort of way.
OMG!!1!1!11!! I R TEH 1337 HaXXor!!!1!1! PWN4G3!
by 0wn3d? July 24, 2004
136 46
Common internet spelling of Hacker, mostly on Counter Strike. It origins are unknown, yet it is surprisingly not any faster to write than hacker. A Haxxor is someone who hacks or cheats the game giving them cheap or unfair abilities. Some good players who spend their living playing video games are also called haXXors because they are too damn good.
BoB:OMFG teh haXXor is just got head shots on our whole team!

haXXor:oWnEd joo n00bs!!!
by Jboy222 October 23, 2007
45 17
like "the best", you know...
haxxor is a b.m.f. cs clan in tudor
by !LL February 17, 2004
22 158