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1) a wicked fast kung fu champion who is makin movies now.

2) actually a peace loving buddhist who now lives in Hollywood.

3) whup ass
Shut up. Dont make me jet li ur ass!!
by neo-kaneida August 29, 2003
shite u say that'll get u beat up in the skewl yard
"but my mom said everyone is.." BAM! booyah! u just got knocked the fuck out!!!
by neo-kaneida October 09, 2003
1. this is the shizz that will get u anime, music, and porn. go to bittorrent.com to download it.

2. if kazaa gets shut down, this is the thing we would all use
"naruto 52 is now out on bit torrent"

"yo, can i download the new outkast album on bit torrent yet?!?"
by neo-kaneida October 09, 2003
1) hackers who are really, really good at stealing ur credit card number on the internet.

2) friends that can get u ANYTHING by the use of their computer and he world wide web.

3) dorks
my haxx0r friend found out the dude's address and liscense plate number just by getting the dude's phone number. lets go egg the dude's house and fuck up his car...
by neo-kaneida August 29, 2003
1)the only thing the internet is really good for.. that and music.

2) the way geeks say "porn". cause they cant get laid even with porn stars. and they gotta change the word so that their mommys wouldnt know they're lookin at it..
"j0 m4n i'm h4xx0r l337. i cant get laid so i just wack off to pr0n.."
by neo-kaneida October 02, 2003
when a dude has sex with a chick on her period
i earned my redwings last night and after i came, i realized what i did and i almost threw up
by neo-kaneida July 15, 2003

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