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Kind of means "Wasn't that obvious, huh?"

similar to duh
You have to turn the Computer on first, Doy!
by Joshtek September 01, 2003
Used to address people in a friendly manner (as in not implying they are your employer or master).
Them: Yo!
You: Hey up boss, whats up?
by Joshtek July 01, 2003
George W. Bush.
The "President" of the United States of America.

See: monkey idiot newbie and fraud
bob: GWB just lied to the US public today
bill: I said tell me something NEW!
by Joshtek September 01, 2003
rolling on floor, laughing my ass off, peeing my pants.
bob: And the reason his "computer wouldnt work" is because he hadnt plugged it in to the electricity mains!!!

bill: roflmaopmp!! lol! newbs, eh?
by Joshtek September 01, 2003
The act of extracting information from Google for the reason of telling it to someone.

Note: Usually written as GCP
Bob: Whos the president of blahblahland
*Bill searches google.com, copies anwser into clipboard, then pastes it*
Bill: It's Mark Larryson
Bob: Thanks, how did you know that?
Bill: Google Copy Paste :D
by Joshtek July 01, 2003
The part of the song which is just the intstruments is called the "Backing Track" or "Instumentals".

It is useful to get these tracks if you wish to spoof a song, but make it have the same beats/sounds in the background as the original.
That singer is really bad, but I like the tune. I think I will just try and get the backing track and record my own voice over it. That'd rock!
by Joshtek January 04, 2004
Name used to parody script-kiddie "hackers"
Script Kiddie: I am so 1337
Bob: rofl, bet he haxx0rs using sub7
Script Kiddie: Yeah, its w00t
by Joshtek July 01, 2003
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