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(adjective, noun)
The term used when a suspected player is allegedly caught cheating either during a loot roll or by having too much l33t gear. "To haxx" or "He's a haxx"

The word "haxx" however does not have a high level of derogatory insult. If someone is called a haxx, or if someone's actions were deemed as being haxx, then it usually means that they are envied or "you're a cheater just kidding haha"
"Did you see his epic gear? He's such a haxx."

"How did you roll a 99? Dude you're such a haxx.. REPORTED"
by aquabum619 December 05, 2006
Haxx is a person who uses Haxx, specifically Memecraft Haxx. He is the dank memelord, Haxx who Haxxs da youtubes and has.... yea you get the point.
That kid Haxx! No, I am Haxx(Code).
by MemelordGnomestar August 03, 2016
usually used in a game to refer to a script kiddy who uses his scripts to gain an unfair advantage over the other players. this word is the slang for the actual scripts used, haxxor referrs to the user.

Examples of these scrips include aimbots, wallhacks, and also speedhacks
by Duck December 21, 2004
Often exclaimed in anger when the person exclaiming the phrase is owned, pwned and or getting railed in an online multiplayer game.

Other variations on this phrase include screaming 'haxx' at a Counterstike player, with the option to launch a (prefferably old, bulky) computer at the haxxor's head, causing him grievous bodily harm and promting him never to 'haxx' in his short pathetic little life again.
Accused Haxxor randomly phases through wall, appears behind you and halts your killing spree because you are so

damn pwnage and he can't kill you any other way.

The haxxed arises from his seat in disgust.

"HAXX!!!" Pointing index finger at accused haxxor, promting the computer monitor to come flying toward the haxxors head, knocking him backwards through a nearby 10 story high window thus killing him.
by MexicansRunFree May 29, 2009
This word has multiple uses, all of wich involve multiplayer video games:

1)Exclamation: Used when you THINK someone is cheating or hacking.

2)Explanation: Used when you KNOW
someone is cheating or hacking.

3)Fun!: Used when YOUR hacking or cheating and are having fun.
1)Tim:"What the fuck! I just shot this guy in the head with an RPG and he just WALKS AWAY UNHARMED!?!? HAXX!!!!"

2) Eric: "Dude, how did you just walk awat from getting sniped with an rpg?
John: "Haxx. duh!"

3)Tim: "Aha john, you asshole, I just got a lagswitch. haxx :D
by King KaRmA April 20, 2009
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