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Often exclaimed in anger when the person exclaiming the phrase is owned, pwned and or getting railed in an online multiplayer game.

Other variations on this phrase include screaming 'haxx' at a Counterstike player, with the option to launch a (prefferably old, bulky) computer at the haxxor's head, causing him grievous bodily harm and promting him never to 'haxx' in his short pathetic little life again.
Accused Haxxor randomly phases through wall, appears behind you and halts your killing spree because you are so

damn pwnage and he can't kill you any other way.

The haxxed arises from his seat in disgust.

"HAXX!!!" Pointing index finger at accused haxxor, promting the computer monitor to come flying toward the haxxors head, knocking him backwards through a nearby 10 story high window thus killing him.
by MexicansRunFree May 29, 2009

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