when you dislike someone so much that you want to stab them in the eye with a knife and watch them suffer , odds are u either hate them or are just sick in the head see retard
'i want to stab that prick in the eye and watch him suffer =) '
by =virus.exe= October 29, 2004
Usually an emotion expressed by those on the left of the political spectrum when they are confronted with an opinion or a situation that goes against their beliefs or ideals.
Hate towards Miss California Carrie Prejean because of her opinion on gay marriage.

Hate towards our men and women in uniform defending this country, especially anytime a Republican is in the White House.

Hate towards anybody making a decent living for themselves.

Bristol Palin's success on "Dancing with the Stars" brought out the worst kind of liberal hate.
by Markwonder December 09, 2010
Hate is a word that has been completly destroyed by people: it used to be a word only used for accual dislike, but just like the word Gay, it is no longer important in today society.
1. I hate Dave, because of that
2. No, you just are pissed because he didn't do something you could have done yourself, you worthless douche bag
by Therearewaytomanynamesonud February 11, 2008
a word to describe somebody you love but has lost hope in
i hate my ex!!!
you just said to secends ago you missed him!
by lenoreISsickOFlife May 15, 2007
an intense, not always fallible, distaste toward
a person/thing, the more correct term being hatred.
The hater may not be able to disguise their disgust
and anomosity
For example, my sisters HATE me, with much passion
but it is unclear as to why.
To them, I am the Earth's SCUM
by LINDAR May 30, 2006
The super-right-wing political organization known more specifically as "Humans Against The Emos". It was formed when it's first six leaders decided they had enough of the liberal organizations' grotesque and forceful propaganda promoting such lifestyles as vegetarianism and boycotting of non-endangered animal-based products. The beliefs, methods and highest texts are based on the beliefs of the original six leaders and the current episciples. Membership is open to all right-wing persons who share their beliefs, but registration is discreet and difficult to find.
H.A.T.E. seeks to remove or reduce (preferably the former) violent liberal propaganda and those who distribute, craft and advocate such material.
by Charles Manno February 18, 2005
A special kind of love given to people who suck! =)

"Ex-friend: Why do you hate me?"
"Person: It's acutally a special kind of love given to you, cause you suck! :D"

"Ex-friend(BLONDE): Ok, thats kool"
by Seaona April 28, 2007
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