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The super-right-wing political organization known more specifically as "Humans Against The Emos". It was formed when it's first six leaders decided they had enough of the liberal organizations' grotesque and forceful propaganda promoting such lifestyles as vegetarianism and boycotting of non-endangered animal-based products. The beliefs, methods and highest texts are based on the beliefs of the original six leaders and the current episciples. Membership is open to all right-wing persons who share their beliefs, but registration is discreet and difficult to find.
H.A.T.E. seeks to remove or reduce (preferably the former) violent liberal propaganda and those who distribute, craft and advocate such material.
by Charles Manno February 18, 2005
A special kind of love given to people who suck! =)

"Ex-friend: Why do you hate me?"
"Person: It's acutally a special kind of love given to you, cause you suck! :D"

"Ex-friend(BLONDE): Ok, thats kool"
by Seaona April 28, 2007
The absence of love. Hate is unproductive, problematic, and inefficient, to look at it from a scientic POV and downright evil from a religious one.
Hate leads to hate. Conflict to conflict. War to war. Death to death. Yet love still leads to love, and it's always a viable option for those of a more logical and benign mind.
by Seth K. September 05, 2003
not having any emotion whatsoever if that specific person happened to pass away.
You say you hate someone but will you cry if they died?
by person......... December 13, 2005
to wish someone death: the opposite of love
i hate top 10 food programmes
by fagan December 17, 2003
horny ass tity eater
man, u gonna h.a.t.e. on her aren't you?
by laladvs2 June 14, 2010
stong passion of dislike towards someone or something.
hate is strong word but i really really don't like you.

i really hate her.
by allieeeebby November 21, 2007