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The common name of Pyrrhocorax, a genus of European blackbirds related to crows. There are two species of chough, the Alphine Chough and the Red-billed Chough. Named after the sound they make, which resembles a grown man being forcefed penis through his nasal cavity.
I am getting tired of that chough choughing outside my window.
#crow #grackle #pyrrhocorax #cough #bird
by Zegeroth September 16, 2007
1. The first full-length release by Canadian metal band Protest the Hero. Kezia is essentially a concept album (or "situationist requiem" as the band members have called it), tracing the interconnected stories of three people - Kezia, a young woman sentenced to death, the prison guard ordered to execute her, and the prison priest presiding over her execution - in a very deep and emotional way. the lyrics were written by bassist Arif Mirabdolbaghi, a poet in the very sense of the word. Perhaps more impressive, the band members began writing the music when they were teenagers and taught themselves how to play it for years, and play excellently at that. Whether you label them as "emo" or not, anyone who does not at the very least acknowledge the band's exceptional talent and the musicianship displayed in Kezia, is either hearing-impaired, or devoid of any musical taste whatsoever and in the latter case, must be immediately ear-stabbed. In short, Kezia is an aural and lyrical orgasm.

2. Anything which causes a sublime release of pleasure in the ear region.
"My girl and I tried aural sex last nite."
"How was it?"
"It was fucking kezia."
#protest the hero #metal #aural sex #music #keziah
by Zegeroth August 03, 2007
Ironically enough, not fun.
Give me a king size Snickers any day. Now THAT's fun size.
#fun #unfun #snickers #candy #tiny
by Zegeroth September 26, 2007
A fake word invented by The Mars Volta. It was actually a typo; lead singer Cedric was trying to type "flipside". Rather than change it, Cedric thought it sounded cool so they kept it.
"Clipside of a pinkeye flight..."
#the mars volta #flipside #typo #mistake #cool
by Zegeroth September 26, 2007
When a female stands on her hands or lies on her shoulders with her vagina facing the ceiling; then her partner separates the lips and pours a cocktail of delicious beverages into said vagina, and drinks from it with a straw.

Afterwards, the man may fuck the female and have her lick the leftover liquid from his penis. This is called the Mississippi water hose.
He was thirsty, so I gave him an Alabama sippy cup.
"Did you follow through?"
Yes, he gave me a Mississippi water hose.
#sippy cup #sex #beverage #yummy #filthy
by Zegeroth August 03, 2007
The best tool for spying on your neighbors.

Ever since that hot chick moved in next door, my eyes have not left my binoculars. Oh shit she saw me!
#spying #telescope #privacy #neighbors #birds
by Zegeroth September 25, 2007
A word that is often used to refer to racists, sexists, etc. But really just means anyone shallow, selfish, spiteful, unforgiving, and who generally has their head up their ass. Racists and homophobes are not necessarily "hateful". The word you're looking for is "bigot".
Hateful people should be tolerated and forgiven, not hated.
#hate #shallow #selfish #hater #hatemongering
by Zegeroth September 16, 2007
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