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70 definitions by keyshaw

n. Stupid, retarded Olsen Twins movie about 2 fucktards running loose in NYC.
Gigantic waste of film. One of the worst movies of all time.
I turned that shit off in a New York Minute.
by keyshaw October 01, 2004
889 495
(n) In professional wrestling, a "bad" guy.
Stone Cold Steve Austin turned heel after joining forces with Mr. McMahon.
by keyshaw May 12, 2004
430 151
(v) To prepare to get screwed literally or figuratively.
Gas prices are going up again! Bend over, SUV drivers!
by keyshaw May 14, 2004
343 68
(n) An ordinary-looking, average girl. Not so bad when compared to a fake-titted, body-pierced, tattooed slut.
Aurora is a plain Jane, but she's a dynamo in the sack.
by keyshaw August 11, 2004
337 75
n. A low-ranking employee who is made to do the bidding of their superiors. So-called because they are often running around doing various small tasks.
I have no job security. I'm just a gopher!
by keyshaw April 13, 2005
290 40
To jerk off, especially prior to a date, so you aren't thinking about sex all the time.
Make sure you clean the pipes before going out tonight, so you won't have the baby batter in the brain anymore.
by keyshaw September 11, 2004
334 106
(n) Phrase to describe a woman's hands when they are 'less than feminine'. From the TV Show Seinfeld.
She's got man hands!
by keyshaw June 30, 2004
287 60