a passionate feeling and extreme disgust towards another person
All People Do Is Hate Now A Days.

She Can Hate On Me All She Wants.

His Mind Was Set To Hate Her.
by AcktiveBombacious May 16, 2009
just a word used by a person meaning they have strong affection for you.
I hate You, but I need you, because I love you.
by Saralynn March 19, 2008
Often incorrectly considered to be the root of the worlds problems it is actually a natural emotion just like love or fear or any other.
Fred: I hate hatred, hatred causes people to die, I hate it so much.

Bob: I hate it when people hate emotions even though they are probably our greatest gift.
by Emotions are awesome. November 10, 2007
To love. To enjoy immensely.
Look at stoner boy snacking away on the couch. He hates the cookies!
by Ron F July 13, 2006
Hate is an UGLY word . Hate is jealousy . & Jealously is really ugly . Use words such as dislike strongly .
I hate her ! ; No you don't your just jealous .
by KansasCity913 May 18, 2011
Somthing that turns you bitter.
Hate is for haters.
by DorothylovesU2 December 21, 2010
That emotion experienced, usually by liberals, when confronted with a differing opinion or idea about a topic of discussion. Hate is usually accompanied by intolerance.
When Jonathan Lopez gave his speech against same-sex marriage during a public speaking class at LA City College, the professor, John Matteson unleashed upon him a torrent of hate, disgust and intolerance. He was called a fascist bastard in front of the class and was not allowed to finish his speech. Subsequently, Johnathan has filed suit against the school and the professor has been fired.
by Grlibby February 20, 2009

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