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That which is going to destroy the world someday.
Stop the war and the hate!
by AnyoneButBush '04 January 23, 2004
16 23
1.(text book def.)- A word describing when the thoughts and actions of a particular human being towards a certain: person, place, thing, or group of any three thereof: are considered negative and/or destructive.
2.(general def.)- When a human being, for one reason or another, despises another human being.
1. J.R.- "I hate vegatables. ... And the planet Pluto."
2. Kid #2: "My Girlfriend broke up with me to go out with my best friend. I fucking hate him and that fucking bitch."
(opinion)- Ironically enough, there wasn't as many def.'s for the word 'hate' there were for the word 'love'. Still, I had a difficult time summarizing such a peculiar emotion. Nonetheless, hate is probably the quentessential emotion felt by everybody. Its possible (though not too likely, mind you) for a human being to go through life not ever feeling love. But they would almost definitely experience hate.
(final word)"No ape shall ever enter the forbidden zone!!!" <moral> Hate will end joo. It will ends us all!!
by Jean-Rene' White January 04, 2004
6 13
H.A.T.E. kills,

L.O.V.E. gives life
by HAL TEVE August 27, 2009
3 11
HATE is NOT the opposite of LOVE.
Because if you HATE you still care....
I don't hate him, we just have indifferneces, which means i don't give a shit becuase he is nothing to me.
by **BlAhhh** August 25, 2007
4 12
Something bad. Used commonly online
Me: JJ look at my Raptors they're raping your base!
JJ: Stop that those planes are HATE!
by Jibril is 1# June 30, 2005
3 11
Hate is what you put on your cereal in the morning. Then you eat it all up.
For hate = tasty.
by fedzMONKEY July 03, 2003
11 19
What I feel twards random people.
I hate him so much!!!
by Apul January 19, 2003
11 19