The word hash can mean many things but as an adjective it's used as a manly / masculine way of complimenting something. As men wouldn't often call something cute in the way girls / women do there was a need for another word where a man could call something 'cute' without seeming too feminine. It's often used in urban areas of the North East, as of yet not many men can compliment things without seeming feminine but the awkward term 'hash' allows them to.
Referring to a girl - She's really hash meaning she's really pretty / cute / hot
Referring to an object such as an animal - That cat's hash
by MrNewcastleMan June 03, 2013
text talk to say "haha" because these new phones with spelling check change haha to hash. Plural use is Hashes
Hash, thats funny; Hashes xD
by suckyboyproductions903 February 16, 2011
1, n. (sing, pl Hashes) An individual local chapter of the Hash House Harriers or a meeting or run thereof.
2. vb, ptc Hashing, the act of running and drinking with this organisation.
There are eleven different hashes in Hong Kong.
by Britarse December 18, 2003
1. vomit

2. to vomit

3. hashish, an oil extracted from cannabis and incorporated into other drugs

4. to discuss
He felt like he would hash after what he smelled.
by The Return of Light Joker January 12, 2010
Hash (or Hashish) is the compressed pollen of the cannabis plants flower. Many varieties and qualities are available. Traditionally, a Dark Hash is mixed with Opium, whereas a Light Hash is pure pollen (or Kif).

It can be smoked in various ways, but the best methods include solar puffing, bee line, or glow rods. Incredibly potent, it is typically more expensive than regular cannabis plant material.

Production methods can be anything from pressing Kif caught in a grinder with a pollen press, to pressing it using expensive bubble bags.
"I got some hash man."
"Yep. Sour Diesel Full Melt."
by Migzoola February 27, 2009
a breakfast staple made out of the leavings from dinner. If it comes out of a can, it ain't hash.
Mom turned the leftovers into hash.
by T-Dog Jenkins March 10, 2005
an argument , if someone gives you hash they are almost giving you hate, daggers. if there is hash between someone there is an argument or disagreeing on something.
"she's giving me right hash" so she's giving me evils or hate.
"ah have you heard about the hash between them lot" so have you heard about the argument between them lot.
by frankkyyboo January 24, 2012

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