a kind of food.
I be eatin' ur hash.
by chronicmasturbator March 27, 2003
An acronym for "Hot AS Hell," used as a description for specific quantifiable beauty, as displayed by persons in possession of such temperate visage
"Kathy Ireland has weird eyes, but she's still HASH"
by p1p3 February 08, 2005
screwed over, bummer, fuck (in the non-sexual way)
Man, you're hashed.
by alana February 14, 2003
The group known as "The Drinking Club with the Running Problem"

Hashing is an exhilaratingly fun combination of running, orienteering, and partying, where bands of harriers and harriettes chase hares on eight-to-ten kilometer-long trails through town, country, and desert, all in search of exercise, camaraderie, and good times.

Hashing began in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 1938, when a group of British colonial officials and expatriates founded a running club called the Hash House Harriers. They named the group after their meeting place, the Selangor Club, nicknamed the "Hash House." Hash House Harrier runs were patterned after the traditional British paper chase. A "hare" was given a head start to blaze a trail, marking his devious way with shreds of paper, all the while pursued by a shouting pack of "harriers." Only the hare knew where he was going . . . the harriers followed his clues to stay on trail. Apart from the excitement of chasing the hare and solving the clues, reaching the end was its own reward . . . for there, thirsty harriers would find a tub of iced-down beer.

Hashing died out during World War II (Japanese occupying forces being notoriously anti-fun) but picked up in the post-war years, spreading through the Far East, Australia, and New Zealand . . . then exploding in popularity in the mid-70s. Today there are thousands of Hash House Harrier clubs in all parts of the world, with newsletters, directories, and even regional and world hashing conventions.

Hashing hasn't strayed far from its Kuala Lumpur roots. A typical hash today is a loosely-organized group of 20-40 men and women who meet weekly or biweekly to chase the hare. We follow chalk, flour, or paper, and the trails are never boring . . . we run streets and back alleyways, but we also ford streams, climb fences, explore storm drains, and scale cliffs. And although some of today's health-conscious hashers may shun cold beer in favor of water or diet sodas, trail's end is still a celebration and a party.
A hash can be found in every major city around the world.
by DevilDog2025 July 27, 2004
*Hash is not the crystals thats ar exracted from bud. That's Kief
Hash is the product that comes from processing marijuana by way of alcohol, then cooked at a low tempurature. Another common way of obtaining hash is by rubbing many fresh buds until a sticky residue is built up. the residue is also hash.
AYO homeboi, sprinkle some hash up in da' sheet
by D-FOES October 28, 2003
marijuana, black shit to make a spliff, if the spliff is packed with strong hash u could end up hangin onto the toilet with a whitey!
relaxed, got the muchies n the giggles! hehe
by mimo May 06, 2004
stop writing theases u fucking morons
its black gold,your best friend.
i a'int smokin weed mayne my love is hash.
by babanash July 14, 2006

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