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A delicious, fatty, & salty treat in a can that resembles dog food.
Yo, you got any corned beef hash?
by film_geek1982 February 24, 2009
Girl goes down on you, gags, throws up on your dick, but likes it and continues to completion, but you're not sure you liked it
It was a normal BJ until my girlfriend corned beef hashed me!
by ALTbitches June 11, 2016
to vomit in a womens vagina
last night I threw down some corned beef hash
by chefdude73 March 17, 2007
Someone suffering with a highly infectious skin condition to the leggs
Suzanne Ellingham, Harlow, Essex. We thought she was shedding her skin. ABSOLUTELY DISCUSTING
by Kate Newman September 22, 2003
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