Short for Hashish. The crystals that grow on cannabis. Often scooped and smoked, baked into "hash cookies," or eaten outright. The definer prefers to chew the gram's worth of marijuana like chewing tobacco, with the hash still on it.
Hash is the most brilliant crystal of all...
by Smackster October 04, 2003
something you smoke.
dude pass me that hash so i can smoke down.
by JessicaV August 10, 2006
marijauna pollen shit stuff , i dunno all i know is that u get sooo high!
Dudette 1 :What u smoking?
Dudette 2: Hash

15 minutes later

Dude 1:You tow are so fuckin' chonged
by Shadow April 25, 2005
the ashes derived from burning hay. Hay-ash.
Them fellers was burnin' sum hay and left a big mess of hash in the south 40.
by no one November 04, 2003
a potential swear word created by ALANA.
-*sigh* hash
by u are a wiener February 14, 2003
a big, fat, huge penis
when i was fucking my girlfriend, i said "here's my hash"
by alex08648 March 25, 2007
a form of cannabis that is smoked
Stoner 1: "hey Aziz you got some hash

Stoner 2: "You mean weed?
by hgggggggggv October 28, 2007

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