11 definitions by babanash

the time when the person who you love the most kicks you hard on your ass and says you to fuck off.
johny was so depressed with his break up that he even tried to commit sucide.
by babanash July 21, 2006
A nice place to have sex specially under the shower.
mayne it ws fun fucking dat bitch in d bathroom.
by babanash July 14, 2006
its a hindi word meaning intoxication.
its better for teenagers to stay away from nasha
by babanash June 21, 2006
delhi's best place to be A.K.A. heaven
he wanted to fuck some whores, so we went to gb road.
by babanash July 14, 2006
a state where a person wants 2 piss but doesnt have the courage to get up from the floor.
i got stoned after a blunt n wsnt able to get up for an hour.
by babanash June 27, 2006
a desi cigrrate made up of dried tobacco leaves with tobbaco in it.
that poor guy is smoking bidis to save money poor fella
by babanash June 26, 2006
Literally translating to "Hello pretty girl"
Pretty commonly used by Spanish men to greet a female.
In the Game Total Overdose Ramiro greets a girl in mexico city saying "hola chica guapa"
by Babanash October 26, 2012

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