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an argument , if someone gives you hash they are almost giving you hate, daggers. if there is hash between someone there is an argument or disagreeing on something.
"she's giving me right hash" so she's giving me evils or hate.
"ah have you heard about the hash between them lot" so have you heard about the argument between them lot.
by frankkyyboo January 24, 2012
17 48
Another variation of Smash. Like the word "smash", hash means to have sexual relations except with one's hands.

It can also be defined as another word for a hand job or fingering.
Kell: Yo Doug, how was your weekend?

Doug: Eh, it was alright I mean she was super hot chick but she only let me hash.

Kell: Damn that sucks hand jobs get old real quick.
by Thabrathul October 26, 2010
2 33
to hash: the act of having crazy jungle sex while eating hash browns
"Tori and david, hormones raging, were caught hashing in the waffle house bathroom."
by TheHasher September 23, 2009
26 57
v. To discuss; often expressed with prepositional modifier.
Yo 'sup! Let's hash out our differences over some hash browns and corned beef hash, mothafucka! Werd.
by Truth2Power September 17, 2004
25 56
A dark sticky substance made from marijuana that is very potent and is ment for smoking.
Thats some good hash.
by PA September 30, 2003
141 173
1. Food, usually chopped up somehow

2. Hashish, a potent herbally-derived painkiller.....okay, okay - it can give you a buzz, too....
After smoking that hash, I was so munched-out I would have eaten some of Feebs week-old corned beef hash, if Mo hadn't beat me to it.
by kzinticat October 05, 2003
50 83
Hash are the THC Tetra Hydra Cannabinol drops from the marihuana leaves. It's made by a machine called a Polinator, wich highly condenses water, so the THC "falls" from the leaves into a reservoir. Weed is the plant, hash is the THC. But don't be fooled! Hash isn't pure THC!
I got a secret stash of hash
by WILLIAM [NL] March 09, 2004
12 47