when the cock sticks out, causing a bulge in the front of a mans jeans. best way to get rid of it is wanking. very embarassng in public. happens often to teenage boys when they see a chic. the erection of the penis. it gets larger, hard, and sticks out.
OMG! i've got a massive hard-on.
everyone saw jay's hard-on in gym yesterday.
by Super hard cock 99 November 27, 2006
Top Definition
Erect penis; see: boner
Long Dong Silver could never get a real hard on, because his penis was so long.
by Jorge December 06, 2002
An erect penis.
see also boner,stiffy etc.
'When Bob saw Jenny by the pool in her bikini he got a big Hard-On'
'When my dog licks my balls i get a Hard-On'
by Disturbed1 November 23, 2003
Man's most magnificently majestic manifestation of masculinity, and the one potentially most exciting to a woman. It looks like a rocket ready to be launched, and has the same turbulent thrusting force and energy.
It signals to a woman that a guy is ready and able to have sex with her and eager to do so, which, if she finds him attractive, tends to kindle her interest. For that reason, it is a serious though common mistake for a guy to be embarrassed or self-conscious when he has an erection.
Freshman year, after pulling an all-nighter, I stripped and got in bed, only to wake a half hour later with an urgent need to piss. I got up without waking enough to know I was naked, much less that I had wood, and walked down the hall to the bathroom. Only as I walked past the open door of another room down the hall and saw a woman grad student staring at me with wide eyes did I look down and see I was sporting the most giant hard-on I'd ever seen in my life. Afterwards, she kidded a male grad student we were both friends with that I had a better body than he did. He replied, "You've seen more of it than I have."
by Adam Phillips August 18, 2006
the act of the penis getting hard/stimulated/an erection
the boy announces to the class that he has a hardon.
by Holmes December 04, 2002
An erection of the penile variety. Can i say erection on the internet?
Oi, cowboy from the village people! Did the leather man give you a hard on?
by Tom Brownlee July 29, 2003
an erected penis (boner, stiffy, chubby)
When she comes over to me, i get a hard on and it dont stop till tomorrow one of these days im gonna cum, IN MAH PANTS
by KawaiiAnime November 22, 2003
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