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an extremely entertaining sport/recreational activity that can unfortunately have negative legal and/or physical consequences.
So what do you feel like doing tonight, actually going drunk driving or just watching it on TV?
by Nick D September 23, 2003
164 100
An act in which an intoxicated (drunk) human being
drives a moving vehicle.
Drunk Driving is exremely serious and over all NOT a game.
Often causes wrecks, injuries, deaths, mutilation and is illegal in all states.
by MeganMalfunction January 16, 2010
68 21
see Senatoer Edward M. Kennedy (AKA Ted)
Ted Kennedy was drunk driving when Mary Jo Kopechne drown after a party on Chappaquiddick Island.

His son U.S. Representative Patrick J. Kennedy has fallen close to the tree as well; see the May 2006 Capitol Hill accident.
by I'm teh real Ali Baba May 18, 2006
48 47