hard ususally is a way of saying "right" or "totally". Also it can be a sacastic way of saying something.
Normally..1."do you like her?"



Sarastically..2."do you like her?"

"Yeah.HARD"-as if!
by 4896 May 21, 2010
Being hard to get, or prude
Samuel is hard.
Tiffany is easy.
by fuckyouuuu January 25, 2008
Hard,means tough.Like you are hard if you are if you are strong or a bully.
"liams hard"
"he beat the shit out of elliot"
by Devil_Gurl August 08, 2005
when something is not soft
doesnt have to be a dick
or when something is not easy
steel is hard but not as hard as AP Calculus
by DEER July 07, 2004
a word to end most sentences.
I did your mom, hard.

I layed down my moves, hard.
by T April 02, 2005
tight ass mutha fucking thing usually referred to a sport car in my eyes:other than that a hard cocked guy
Damn Joe, look at that hard ass car that be ova there: damn girl it was great all though hhis dick was out of this world while hard
by Tiffany**** July 18, 2003
1) Something that is very challanging or difficult

2) When a guy sees a hot set of knockers
1) Damn, that test was hard

2) Look in a strip club
by lunar shadows October 30, 2004

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