When you are agreeing with someone
Character (1): I want to get on it with my mates tonight

Character (2): HARD!
by lil MiiZ p0z3r March 15, 2008
Slang term for Camel Filters
Sean: Hey let me skeez a royal cuz

Beat: Nah man i only smoke them hards
by Marvin Garvin the Magic Man G February 03, 2009
awesome sick sweet or the shit
damn man them shoes is hard that car is hard bro
by natedoggizzle January 07, 2008
to emphasyse or make more profound
I hard spleed last night
by Jamigre April 13, 2003
it can be an adjective... pertaining to what happens to postpubescent guys when theyre turned on.. ALOT
every time she wears that shirt he cant help but be hard.
by aint lyin March 25, 2003
saying "hello" for the first time and "goodbye" for the last.
-do you know how hard it is to say goodbye?

-yes. what about it?

-this is goodbye for the last time.
by imtheDoctor_RUN March 02, 2013
crack cocaine, opposite of soft (regular cocaine). smoked (free based) not snorted.
yo bro you got that hard? naw nigga only that soft
by R Krooke April 29, 2011

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