to emphasyse or make more profound
I hard spleed last night
by Jamigre April 13, 2003
1) A Game Difficulty.
2) Thing That's Almost, But Not Impossible.
3) An Famous Difficulty.
" I Think I Will Choose The Hard Difficulty. "
" I Beat The Hard Difficulty! "
" I Am Amazing Doing Hard Difficulty! "
by iiNoobly July 06, 2015
A term usually preceding the adjective "acting", it used for when an individual, usually a male, has repressed desires or emotions expressed by means of using negative emotions to communicate. Having little fear and empathy. Usually following one's release from imprisonnent after undergoing behavioral and territorial changes. Or in other cases where individuals of middle class and higher class, display a nature that may imitate a hardened criminal, or a perceived thug, and has been influenced by peers and media that may tend to introduce it as a cultural trend.
"Acting Out."
My little brother is trying to act all Hard.
by jdoh April 30, 2015
crack cocaine, opposite of soft (regular cocaine). smoked (free based) not snorted.
yo bro you got that hard? naw nigga only that soft
by R Krooke April 29, 2011
Extremely Good, really nice, expensive
That new David Banner CD is hard!
That new Escalade is so hard!
by CANDACE December 15, 2003
a term used to describe ones like or appreciation for something. "hard" and "tight" can be used interchageably.
That benz over there is hard as fuck!
by T*J* October 20, 2005
tough, muscular, and brave
man ur not hard enough to take on Terrel!

" dont push me bi***! You think you'z hard?!"

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