adj. Good looking, cool, tight, great
1. DAMN! Those new AF1's are hard as hell.
2. She look good. She hard
by E-Thug February 11, 2003
When you totally and utterly agree with something.
Question: How good was that kebab?

Response: Hard!
by McGoonster October 05, 2009
hard..meaning crack, is a drug that is highly addictive. Crack is made out of cocaine, its called freebasing. many people agree that crack is much more addictive than cocaine.
hey jaclyn this is your hard piece, and then its maddys and then mine!!
by hALf GonE L!L reD September 17, 2005
tough, muscular, and brave
man ur not hard enough to take on Terrel!

" dont push me bi***! You think you'z hard?!"
A pseudo-verb found most frequently in the breathless, cliche descriptions of sexual activity in airport fiction.
"She felt him hard against her"; hence, "to hard".
by Tony and Cherie Blair July 21, 2006
a term used to describe ones like or appreciation for something. "hard" and "tight" can be used interchageably.
That benz over there is hard as fuck!
by T*J* October 20, 2005
A form of agreeing with someone.
-"Lets go"
-"You suck dick"
by NOU January 22, 2005

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