Gangsta. From the streets. Always gettin their hustle on. One who keeps it real. Someone that doesn't let "the man" hold them down.
Scott is the hardest man on earth. That nigga keeps it real all day, everyday. "Wu-Tang"
by HUSTLER March 01, 2006
awesome sick sweet or the shit
damn man them shoes is hard that car is hard bro
by natedoggizzle January 07, 2008
adj. Good looking, cool, tight, great
1. DAMN! Those new AF1's are hard as hell.
2. She look good. She hard
by E-Thug February 11, 2003
yo that white boy is hard
by dominic amofer December 26, 2002
agreeing with what someone has to say....
yeah hard
by yord May 21, 2011
What someone may be named if they have an erect donger.
''Look at him, he's gone hard!''
by Brendan April 06, 2003
A vague and unknown body region that can be held by another person.
Yohannes: Can we hold hards now?

Ish: Sure, but you gotta help me find mine.
by Hawtyboggin April 08, 2007

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