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3 definitions by Anslem

Used to describe the erection of a penis. Often acompanies "as hell". In most cases, describes the after-effect of a sexy woman or something nice.
Cot damn that Vida Guerra Poster be gettin me hard as FUCK!
U got that Purple Haze yet?
Hell yea nigga it got me hard.
by Anslem January 09, 2005
A person who is ugly but still fuckable. Someone who is not too ugly to fuck.
Some Nigga: Damn homie she all over ya dick, you gonna tap dat?
Some Otha Nigga: I don't know, she fuggable I guess so yea.
by Anslem December 13, 2004
A girl who sucks a mean dick. A girl who gives a lot of dudes head or "dome".
Damn that chick sucked my dick and two days later sucked Tyler's. She's gotta be a dome donor.
by Anslem December 13, 2004