Tough, mostly because of poverty and surviving (or not) public schools. Something to be said of poor, urban American youth and essentially no one else. Marked by resourcefulness, pragmaticism, and coldness. As a result of being shit on one too many times. A desirable trait. Can also be the result of an awful family life/childhood. See also hardcore
Yeah, Darius is so fucking hard. His Dad beat the shit out of him and his Mom had to work triple shifts.
by the mysterious dj December 22, 2003
Top Definition
1. An erection of the penis...
2. What happens to a girl's nipples when she gets cold or has water poured on her tits (like in a wet t-shirt contest)
3. A description of sex
1. "I stay hard throughout my Spanish class cause my teacher's so damn hot."
2. "My nipples are getting hard..."
3. "If you finger me good, I'll do you really hard."
by hornyashell March 28, 2005
when a man is sexually turned on.
I made Victor hard when we had that hot one night stand.
by Stacy July 26, 2006
Describes a person due to their psychological or physical appearance or experiences with things violent, un-pleasant and generally out of normal daily life, derived from "Hard As Nails" or sometimes just "Nails"
Often used in the sentences “There’s Sam, he’s well hard”, “Careful mate, that blokes nails”
Often forced upon a person due to their financial position, or just because they have an acute taste for all things dangerous / violent.
People with tattoos are mostly considered “hard”.
Also used as an insult to somebody who may think they are “hard”. See examples below.
"She's got a boyfriend, he's pretty hard"
"That blokes got a black belt in kung fu, he must be hard"
"Everytime he goes out, he gets into a fight with the bouncers, and wins, cos he's nails"

Insulting manner:
"You're not hard mate, leave it alone"
"He thinks he's fucking nails he does"
sarcasm "Yer you're WELL hard mate!"
by oNe2005 October 06, 2005
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