A word that used to be used to describe someone who is attractive. Now it is simple a word that most cool people do not use because it makes them think of some random guy who spends way too much time trying to look good.

*current word for someone attractive: Hot, Sexy, Gorgeous, Fine, ect.*
Girl#1: oh my gosh he is soooo handsome!!
Girl#2: uh, slip into the century! NO ONE says handsome anymore!
Girl#1: ok, hows this, oh my gosh he is soooooo hot!!
Girl#2: perfect
by Gurlie~~~ February 17, 2010
An alternative to oral sex.
When my girl's JAWS gets tired, she uses her "Handsome".
by Tony Tee1 December 15, 2010
The mere definition Of Nigel Mansell. He is the sexiest man on the entire planet, deserves to be thrown into an orgasmic ocean, and is all Mine.
"Dude! Why couldn't I be born Nigel Mansell?? He is soo fucking handsome!"
by Brooke1708 January 03, 2009

Originates from "threesome". With five it would be a "fivesome". With your hand it would be a "handsome".
I brought up a threesome with my boo. None too surprisingly, I ended the night with a handsome.
by leefur March 16, 2009
Jon. Handsome, attractive, charming, hott, sexy, wonderful!
Jon is handsome, attractive, charming, hott, sexy, and wonderful! I love him!
by ASS April 19, 2005
A very handsome male, with giant cocks and irresistible features.
"Zaf's looking very handsome today"
a word to use when your only trying to be nice to an ugly man.
Guest: "oh my god!! is this your son?!! he is sooo handsome!"

Your Mom: "yes, my little boy is growing up soo fast!"

by FiyaBall March 20, 2008

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