A word used when speaking to someone instead of saying man, dude, or the person you are speaking to's name.
What's up, handsome? How've ya been?
by morty6 May 28, 2012
If two people having sex is a twosome
three people, a threesome,
four people, a foursome...

To be handsome is to be lonely.
person 1: do you ever see David with a girl?
person 2: no, he's so handsome
by troughable November 15, 2011
to describe a more many looking woman
guy A: so what did you think of my new girlfriend?

guy b: shes very.... handsome looking
by spartical7 June 25, 2012
Not a panda.
Pandas are not handsome.
by Thisguybutnotthatguy March 08, 2013
A guy or girl who plays with themselves a lot.
He loves doing twosome, threesome but is OK being handsome when alone...

~ This meaning originated in a party at the Sewdicks Bar and Grill Chicago, July 2014 amongst a group of drunk softball players.
by volleyballtiger September 18, 2014
The act of masturbating with the involvement of more than 1 hand.
Poor Johnny never had a girlfriend and spends his weekends having a handsome with himself.

See threesome
by GC. Mitz August 04, 2011
A word used to describe how attractive an individual, group, entity or even a thing. Usually applies to males but can also apply to females.

The word 'handsome' although is harmless may indicate a presence of danger. This is especially true when bodily twitching, most notably the hand, is observed.

'Handsome' is derived from the root 'hand' and suffix 'some' which gives it a literal meaning of 'of the hand' or 'for the hand' much like trouble-some or lone-some.
My my, he/she is handsome... *twitch*
by The Loopy Anon April 10, 2010

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