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a Hot A$$ Mess; when something is or looks terrible
Her new hair doo is a HAM!
by emjaye1205 November 23, 2010
A lame, useless person. Someone who sits there and does nothing. Like a ham.
Why can't he do something with his life? He is SUCH a ham.
by Benson McGee November 15, 2010
A Hot Asian Mami.
Damn strolled through Chinatown and seen about 5 Hams, I hope their down with that sucky sucky 5 dolla!
by Johnny Cabahala October 08, 2010
When an artitsts drops a song or verse that is raw as ever
Wiz Khalifa went ham on that Kush and OJ mixtape
by purple knight June 14, 2010
Ham, is short for Mayhem

1. Law. the crime of willfully inflicting a bodily injury on another so as to make the victim less capable of self-defense or, under modern statutes, so as to cripple or mutilate the victim.

2. random or deliberate violence or damage.

3. a state of rowdy disorder: Antagonisms between the various factions at the meeting finally boiled over, and mayhem ensued.

4. To Really do someone or something very bad, or very good
everybody in the club is going Ham

the FEDS went Ham on Michael Vick

Don't Make me go Ham on your candy ass
by jlh551 September 09, 2009
A word used to describe someone who does things or behaves in a way that is embarassing, nerdy or wimpy.
Brian was such a ham when he tryed to ask that woman for her phoner number. Being alone on a saturday night is just pure ham life. Look at that guy dancing, such a ham. He totally Hammed out tonight when we made plans to go out partying. I can't believe you hammed out on paying the bill at the restauraunt.
by Ree the G August 30, 2010
Man i gave dis gurl da HAM last night,and she was beggin fa more.
by toonjam5 November 28, 2009