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another way of saying i am
I be traci,and i be from Baltimore.
by Rainbow Socks August 09, 2007

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Acronym for Imperial Brass Empire; A small rebellious group of Band Nerds who are on a never ending quest for freedom and victory.
Someone else: "OMG dude, when did the IBE get so cool?"
Kevin: SINCE ALWAYS!!!!!!!
by teh band nerd January 18, 2011
abbreviation of: I barfed everywhere
Guy: Hey, I'm just going down to the store to grab some beers for tonight.

Girlfriend: Don't you remember, we're going to my dad's house for a fathers day dinner?

Guy: I.B.E.
by cyberdude2007 June 17, 2008
Instantaneous bowel evacuation, such as after eating a frozen, gas-station burrito.
Man, eating mexican food every day for a week gives me IBE.
by ed19254 July 08, 2011
Pill of ibuprofen.
This headache hurts like a bitch, I'd better knock back a few ibes.
by doctor julius May 06, 2009