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A way of refering to ones hamstring/s.
My hammies are as sore as hell after that run.
by Jordan March 15, 2005
An overacting actor or a performance that is over-the-top. Often characterized by using too much volume when speaking, making theatrical gestures or overemphasizing big emotions. Hammy actors are not necessarily bad actors - what can be regarded as charismatic in one context can easily become hilarious in the wrong one. Brian Blessed, Vincent Price and William Shatner are prime examples of hammy actors. Can also be used as a verb: hamming.
Although doing his best to serve the film's low key atmosphere, Vincent Price can't help relapsing into his hammy mannerisms at times.

Within the bizarre world of Flash Gordon, Brian Blessed can pile on all of his hilariously charismatic overacting, without fear of being perceived as hammy.

Star Trek is in many respects a ground-breaking series in the genre of sci-fi, but decidedly marred by William Shatner's hamming.
by JO_Wass December 13, 2013
A word used to describe someone that you cant forget. Someone who is always on your mind and someone you love very much.
Me and my Hammy went out for a walk.
by sannykhalils September 11, 2011
the opposite of cheesy. the verb: to ham
why are you being so hammy tongiht?
by juan 91 March 06, 2011
Any miscellaneous item that you blame your friends for stealing. when they really didn't
Leah: Why'd you steal my hammies?
by calluses August 16, 2009
A Dennys Dish that is often given with moons over it.
"Hey josh! Want some moons over my hammy?"
by xenocide42087 February 08, 2005
getting a blowjob while upside down with your back against a wall
When you get a Hammy all of the blood will go to your head
by seantheoneindoyelsville August 28, 2011
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