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A woman's thighs, legs, or butt. Generally applies to the thighs. Comes from the word ham, which is the thigh in a cut of pork. Can be used also used as Hams & Hammy.
The hot gymnast shows off her ham on the balance beam.
by ChemicalPulseDotCom January 15, 2013
1. A place or business where the people are usually rude turds and/or charge outrageous prices for shitty services & products.

2. A radio station or media network, where they put out garbage, such as political spin, political propaganda, dis-information and celebrity news. For example: CNN, NBC, MSNBC, etc.

3. A place where you go to poop.
I was listening to NPR last night, when this guy called in and yelled out, 'What in tarnation is on this turd station'!
by ChemicalPulseDotCom January 15, 2013

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