An acronym for Exit Left Apparel.
I'm wearing ELA
by Cakchiquels July 09, 2011
A name for a girl who is funny, kind of an outcast, a bit of an happy emo. Ela is one of the coolest people you will ever meet, so don't let this one get away.
I looked, but i couldn't find an example. This name Ela isn't common. Sorry! ;)
by Hey-Hey-Sunny-Day October 07, 2013
A sri lankan slang word for Great, awesome, nice, cool, Can be use for any situation.
That is ela machan!
Thats a ela car dude!
by ravlk July 09, 2011
A greeting word in Norway, preferably used by teenagers located in the area around Østfold.
It is also polite to answer "ela" to someone who says "ela".
A: "Ela B!"
B: "Ela!"
by teks June 03, 2004

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