Principally from the 80's.

Any one of a loose class of rock and roll bands sharing any number of similarities, but typified by long, elaborately messy, overblown hairstyles.

The implication that the hair is perhaps the most substantive thing about such a band or thier music.
See, for example: Motley Crue, Guns -n- Roses, Warrant, Stryper, etc., and to a lesser degree, Def Leppard, Bon Jovie, and so on.
by Honor July 14, 2004
bands from the 1980s known as much for their music as their huge, flowing heads of hair.
I like '80s hair bands, like Bon Jovi
by mciml2 July 13, 2004
a type of band popular in the 80's, early 90's who's image consisted of long hair.
Guns N Roses is an awesome hair band
by your momma July 12, 2004
Hard rock music groups, whose popularity crested in the late 80's, and whose defining look was overwhelmingly big, long, or bushy hair. Their music is sometimes referred to as monster rock. Coincides with White Trash, Monster Truck Rallys, Nascar, Midwest, Rural.
motley crue
by philly Pfeif July 14, 2004
1980s glam rock shit like bon jovi etc....
dude i take it in the ass for bon jovi!
by i hate u all November 02, 2003
The last of great music, ever. It's actually hair metal. The hardest rock around. The best bands in the world. These bands actually had talent and the tunes kick so much ass. After hair bands, there was a shitty trend called "grunge" which totally blows, along with all other music.
The best music is hair bands!
by Spartans! November 08, 2004
A group of waifish white male performers donning tight leather pants and an implied endorsement of AquaNet hairspray.
Posion was the grand holy mother of all 80's hair bands.
by laurapav3 July 14, 2004
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