slang for the word high
how ha are you chibiggo?
#high #weed #bud #nug #stoned
by Priest Dude June 13, 2007
A word used to end the sentence. Used like a period.
" This shit is mad whack Ha."
by mande May 06, 2005
urban city term defined as a man or one of your boys
Kelton was going crazy and i was like you need to chill ha.
by Zaire March 17, 2005
Used as opposed to HAHA, haha, hahaha, lol or hehe. Ha means something was moderately funny but not funny enough that you're laughing hard-more that you got a kick out of the joke. Used also when you don't want to seem like you're fanning over someone and seem too excited.
Thomas: My mom told me to get a life. I'm like, Mom! I have a life I'm breathing.

Leesha: Ha
by missdarling November 23, 2015
sassy/ghetto way to say "her".
"i know she aint talking to me like that, i will snatch ha weave out ha scalp!!"
#her #his #haha #lol #yas
by drewskie2010 September 25, 2015
Hells Angels or Hells Angels MC (Motorcycle Club) This is a 1%er MC the most famous and possibly the largest with chapters all over the world. They are known not only for their violence, and ruthlessness, but also for their charitable conributions to their local communities. Their colors are Red and White and they are famous for their deaths head logo, which is copyrighted. They are also sometimes referred to as 81 because of their letters H=8 A=1
I was at bike night and HA rolled up but, all them cats acted real cool.
#ha #hamc #81 #angels #red 'n' white
by ZippityZopYou July 10, 2015
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