high as shit or H.A.S I when your extremely baked on some good dank
JON: yo you high yet
ZION: nigga im past that im H.A.S
JON: me to hahaha
by nigajon February 18, 2014
To say that something is amazing, awesome, fun, or really cool. Ha.
I met this hot chic last night and got her number. Ha. (How Amazing)
by jesyka1vee January 05, 2013
Definition 1 : An (usually) Asian name, usually Vietnamese.
Definition 2 : An expression that meant something said wasn't funny, or just gave you a little chuckle. Maybe even just said to make yourself look not mean.
Def 1 : Hello, welcome to UCLA, I am your new Proffeser Ha.

Def 2 :
Person 1 : It was like sooo funny!!
Person 2 : Ha....
by Oh yes.. April 04, 2009
An interjection sometimes used when backdating an unwritten post while writing a month long blog about your reading of David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest. It simultaneously expresses the poster's regret for not having written and also glee for having gotten away with it.
I had a great weekend anyway! Ha!
by Aaron F. February 11, 2008
chaldean way of saying "what" or sometimes used as a greeting
hey anthony!
ha bro?

haaa anthony, sup
shit chillin nigga
by westbloomfielder September 22, 2008
Alternate form of saying yes.
"So can I have that ten dollars?"
"Sweet! Thanks!"
by Awesomeperson101 March 03, 2009
In poker, a game that alternates between Texas Hold'em and Omaha. Omaha is represented by "A" because in other poker acronyms (such as "HORSE"), "O" is used to mean Omaha Hi-Lo Split; in "HA" the Omaha game is High-only.
He spent all day in the online poker rooms, winning $1K in 7-card stud, but losing twice that much playing 5-card draw, HORSE, and HA.
by RandomStu February 26, 2009
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