The stupidest, preppiest, most douche bag laden word to use in a conversation. Ever.
Poor Use
Person A: Whats up?
Person B: Nothing.. ha

(Take note of the terrible use of this word.)

Proper Use
Person A: Guess what?
Person B: What?
Person A: NOTHING!

(Take note of the proper use of "Ha" and how less preppy it is.)
by haisareallygayword March 15, 2010
Gay Northener slang for the word "her."

I really do not like ha!
by Eduado08F April 26, 2009
Used to show relaxation or being laid back when texting,chatting online,etc.

Mostly used at the start of a sentence, but don't use it tooo much!!!! Just once in a while. If you use it to much then your a dumbass,geek,nerd,etc.

Naturally you will know when to use it, and only certain people can use this powerful word. Seriously.
While texting...

Guy:Ha..hi!! Well how do you know Im a cutie??? Are you psychic??
by Don't need no nickname BIATCH! March 26, 2009
Acronym for "haul ass." To leave a place or area quickly.
This place sucks, let's HA.
by Temp/Ferg March 28, 2009
A word to describe a young 15 3/4 year old girl. Famous on myspace and the REAL WORLD alike for having beautiful big eyes, beautiful big boobs and, looking exotic like MS. SAIGON 2009. Also known for although being exceedingly beautiful, she's extremely real, gangsta, and fucking down. she's a cold hearted bitch though.
1. I asked Ha how to make my boobs grow and she said EAT SOME FUCKING APPLES.

2. I asked Ha out to Winter formal and she lol'd in my face.

3. I went to the block with Ha before I really knew her. She wasn't a cold bitch. infact, she's was really sweet.

4. Ha is a really caring person when you break through the layers of Ice. I did once, and we were very close friends. i'd do anything to get that back. i love you.
by IfIWasAboii January 20, 2009
the game in which two people who are inseperably in love play for fun and that shows those two are perfect for one another.
haley and Austin are perfect at playing HA at night!
by fredrich desantiago March 19, 2008
the need to always be right and close minded of the opinions of others. These people are usually data analysts that drink Tall Extra hot no foam latte with whole milk
Stop pulling a HA Hitler, you are wrong.
by theotherdataanalyst February 05, 2010

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