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A synonym for bipolar disorder;

A mental health condition defined by periods of extreme, often inappropriate, and sometimes unpredictable mood states.

1. I think Sally suffers from Happy Happy-Not Not Disease--10 minutes ago she was threatening to kill herself, but now she's laughing and having fun.

2. You will contract Happy Happy-Not Not Disease and die.
by malchik_gei March 22, 2007
noun. a rotting corpse or carcass
We found a googlivitch of a deer in our mailbox and the other half in our fender.
by malchik_gei March 22, 2007
1a. a sunken fence

1b. type of boundary to a garden, pleasure-ground, or park, designed not to interrupt the view and to be invisible until closely approached.
In order to keep the lizards out of our garden, we built a ha-ha.

We didn't want a fence obstructing our view of the pasture, so we built a ha-ha instead.
by malchik_gei March 22, 2007
noun. also known as "fairies of death"; small creatures resembling humans that wear all black and wreak death and destruction upon humans.
We saw the deadly fairies and knew they were harbingers of death. Soon afterwards, we died. It was sad.
by malchik_gei March 22, 2007
noun. a small flowering shrub that is said to consume human flesh when anyone gets near them.
We grew a whole garden of bingle snaps, but were sued for all of the horrible accidents and disfigurements.
by malchik_gei March 22, 2007
adj. picturesque; light or airy in appearance.
The dance seemed less wooliwize as her ankle twisted.
by malchik_gei March 22, 2007
noun. sickening, disgusting, or nauseating piece of meat.

Derivative of the adjective prilosta.
Julaward was taken aback when her cat, Fréfroo, at the meatylosta in the fridge.
by malchik_gei March 22, 2007
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