G-wad means girl with a dick. a hermafidite. It's dawg backkwards.
yo, that ugly motha fucker is a g-wad.
by DaBomb April 16, 2005
alternate spelling of the expression "oh god!"
napoleon says - "gwad"
by paul doll March 17, 2005
God What A Dick.

An expression conveying disapproval with the attitudes/actions of another person.

Usually used on the internet, but occasionally emulated in real-life (pronounced "gwahd", although mistaken for "god"). The last word could also be substituted for "Douche" or "Dumbass."

Tim: Hey Tom, can I borrow your car?
Tom: Sure, just don't get crunk and crash it like Jake did.
Tim: I can't believe he did that! GWAD.


James: Did you hear about Jake?
John: Yeah, he slept with Tim and Tom's sister!
James: GWAD!
by Mister Oxygen September 18, 2009
GWAD. Each letter stands for something else. G is gee. A is simply a. W is what. D is douche. so wen put together it means gee what a douche. This cud replace douche bag, retard, or but munch.
Look at the gwad with Barney backpack on the longboard.
by TeaJay February 17, 2009
A person Who is constantly acting gay and annoying others with thier acts of gayness in a conversation with another person.
Sirrye: Omg the vines are so cool.
Mike: Why are you such a G Wad?
Sirrye: Cause im a asshole.
by The Exile July 10, 2005
An omnipotent being that watches over negros "in da hood."
If normal society refers to a Canine lupus familiaris as "dog," and the reverse of a Canine lupus familiaris is the way we spell our Lord, surely our African American friends, who call a Canine lupus familiaris a "dawg," worship a Gwad?

Just food for thought.
by ~The Nameless One~ June 26, 2005
GWAD Cru was established in the summer of 2011 in Vancouver, BC and is made up of about 7 students from Lord Byng and Kitsilano Secondary. Alternate name is also "GWAD Cru and Occasional Others" The crew of friends enjoy partying, drinking, playing baseball and beerpong. GWAD Cru is known for its exclusivity and is difficult to get in on.
"Yo man I heard there was a rowdy party last night"

"Yeah bro the GWAD Cru was there."
by tehcrew September 04, 2011

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