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A mytholgical creature that dwells in the deep cornors of the forest, but, a "cru" may enter into the real world on every second tuesday of every third month, or when gerbils and parakeets are on sale at petco.
1. "Stupid CRU"
2. a word to to call your friend that usually says dumb stuff.
3. something ugly. ex. "dude, thats so cru."
by crukiller December 15, 2008
(Slang)1. To crush something infinitesimally. To crush something exceedingly small.
2. To beat up someone seriously.
3. Also crush squared
Wow, Skippy thought he could fight him but he got himself crused.
by Ojenge February 26, 2007
Another word for crew, often used in text messages etc.
Man, RAR is one dope cru
by Ed Gill February 21, 2004
Slang for the word crusty.
Meaning something really disgusting.
Pronounced "cra".
OMG, pickled herring is cru.
by walaura January 13, 2007
to quietly scream
After watching 'Annabelle' she crued.
by toastythomas June 15, 2015

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