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Someone who is really into reggae music. So into it in fact, that it is basically all they listen to and almost everything they wear has to do with rastafarianism, jah, or reggae in general.
Did you see those jah-heads at the party yesterday? They wouldn't put on anything else besides reggae all night.
by walrusjuice January 10, 2007
Describes the feeling after one takes a moke snap. Basically, a spinning light-headedness that can make you drool, or even vomit when done improperly, but when done correctly feels like heroin.
G-Mo was zorbing so hard off that moke snap that he fell off his chair into his puddle of drool, then threw up on the ground, then crawled through the gurp and needed to be helped up into a sitting position once again.
by walrusjuice January 10, 2007
simply put: to vomit or throw up.
I gurped so fat off that moke snap last night. I was zorbing
by walrusjuice January 10, 2007
1. A mythical beast who is half-man, half-horse, and prone to kleptomania. One may only hear the clattering of hooves and see the swishing of his tail around a corner before you realize that your stuff is gone.

2. A term of exasperation used when something goes awry.
1. Where's my ipod? (clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop), (swish). Oh goddamnit! Horseman took it.

2. If you knock over your beer on the table, not only wasting your beer but getting the table wet as well, and forcing you to go get a towell to clean it up while being ridiculed by your peers, you might be prone to yell out.... HORSEMAN!
by walrusjuice January 10, 2007
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