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Someone who keeps it real.
Aiyo that mans got mad loot but he still keeps it gully
by Rusty July 30, 2005
1. A large knife, shiv, or toad sticker.

2. To cut someone with a gully knife.

An old term from previous centuries.
If you don't let me pass, I'm going to gully you.
by Joao Bufamarillo May 13, 2005
to be ghetto
yo I kno abbeys white and all but that bitch is gully caues she lives the had knock life
by me January 01, 2004
A cricket fielding position between backward point and fifth slip you ignorant yanks.
"Put Jenkins at gully old chap, he's got a fine set of hands."

"A gully is not a knife or a 'dope' thing, it is a Cricket positon Brad, you silly american."
by Jenkins UK September 03, 2007
Gangster; Tight
That new G-unit Cd is Gully!
by Isaiah session November 26, 2003
raw,real,sik,gangsto,and everythings else
Yo dat nigga keeps it gully
by North End Murdera November 16, 2003
equivalent to crunk, off the hook, banggin'; strictly eastcoast slang
" That shit was gully, ya hurr me!"
by Blackfire February 20, 2003