a word women feel comfortable using to call their vagina that is not "vagina"... also; gullyhole
No way would I let you near my gullyhole!
by Natalie V May 28, 2005
a leech, one who leeches (usually of the cock-sucking variety)
'that brae is gully and irani'
by Bla bla bla... January 13, 2009
real, from the ghetto. (*its true just ask britt!*)
I'm so krunkin gully!

So gully so bromie whats good. (50 cent-disco inferno)
by *brittany* January 18, 2005
the shit, awesome, off the hook, phat
its used as an adjective, to describe a noun
by mike February 23, 2003
a word used to say something is nice or something you like
those shoes are gully
by natster September 21, 2005
same as bare good so when somthing is really good u use it
"2 day was gully at the cinma"
by violette September 02, 2005
scott t. o'd. see also: baby daddy, Backdoor Billy, badassmofo, NAFTA, badunkadunk and Namastelmao =)
scott is a badassmofo =P
by aditi sweetie <3 February 23, 2005

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