Meaning simply "Good"
"Awwww, you is gully!
by Chris hardley January 16, 2008
dirt/grime. one of ghetto quality.
arrogant people. people who do you dirty. people who do you wrong.
by KD April 01, 2005
something out of the ordinary making you shudder or feel dirty
she flashed you for sparknotes? thats real gully/
by jimmy dolan March 12, 2005
gully means that something is good
yeah that tracksuit is gully
by lay-d kraze November 21, 2004
Also a term used for people who are associated but not a full fledged members of a street gang.
He aint cripin,that niggas gully.
by Chuck Norris November 09, 2004
A white scavanging bird often found near beaches.
We were at the beach feeding the Gullies pieces of our dead enemy's carcasses
by OkPDawgE August 16, 2003
according to the latest issue of VIBE magazine, this is how Ja-Rule keeps it with white bread at his "Clap Back" video shoot.
Ja Rule keeps it gully with white bread at his "Clap Back" video shoot
by horkypoo January 06, 2004

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