In more modern times, a style becoming a big sensation in tristate area. Consisting of complete followers, in recent times, most people hop on the bandwagon to fit in and get girls. Most try to get regardless of previous thoughts into the electronic music genre, yet most can't even tell you the difference between House and other electronic music, coming up with stupid answers like "House has words and trance doesn't" which all their friends quickly agree with. A Guido can't make a style decision for his life, it took five to six years for most of them to go from blowout to fohawk, the only two hairstyles they know of, not to mention most can't even do a fohawk right, making weak attempts to style one out of a tape up. The ONLY girls they ever get are shallow, dumb sluts, that can't simply see how obviously dumb and two-faced the guys they chase after are. Guido has now become a big thing for many Hispanic teens, who actually refer to themselves as Guidos?. It's definately not just an Italian thing anymore.
I met this kid at a club, didn't know how to dance or anything, was afraid to talk to a girl, so I show him how to do a little bit of house dancing, hook him up with a grind (probably his first). Months later I see the kid clad in armani exchange with a group of dirtbags, I say whats up to him and he ignores me and walks right by me, damn he was just too cool for me. I've seen this shit happen over and over with different kids, it's the guido sensation.
by Jae Tribal August 20, 2008
SEE: Douchebag.
Any of the cast members on "Jersey Shore".
by blacjac November 23, 2010
someone from the south shore of staten island ..... spiky hair, orange skin from hours of tanning, and freshly waxed eyebrows are the only way to describe them.... not to mention their "accent" which is not even an accent just a poor attempt to sound like their from brooklyn or like their black, oh and don't let the rest of staten island get a bad rap because of the guido, fake south shore. Not all italian staten islanders are guidos just the ones who choose to be.
Guido A: hey browsky u goin clubbin tonight
Guido B: yea man i just got new spinnaz on my bmw, the bitc*es are gonna love ' em.
Guido A: nice, before we go you want to go stop by the tanning loft then get out eyebows waxed?
by NorthShorian March 27, 2008
a tan italian male (female = guidette) who walks around talking too loud about unimportant shit, usually blurting out ignorant or completely retarded statements, such as "hand me that fork so i can fix this power outlet.." or "my tanning oil leaked all over my extra small condoms and seriously compromised their structural integrity, but im going to use them when i have sex with my equally stupid and obnoxious guidette girlfriend anyways!" note: guidettes, although the dumbest form of sluts, are good for temporarily sheathing your cock, although there have been many reports of tripping and falling into an italian womans snatch, so watch out!
that guido just jizzed in his own eye!
hey guido! "yea?" youre a fucking idiot and america laughs at you! "oh."
this is the loosest vag ive ever stabbed with my needle dick, guidette!
by a polack against dumbfucks September 30, 2010
the biggest asshole you will ever meet. likes to mess with younger girls, usually freshman in high school. He'll lead you on, and then break your heart.
Man, Guido is such a jerk, he just broke that poor little freshman's heart!
by Biaaa356 May 15, 2009
Guidos live mostly in New Jersey and New York but usually come from Italian backgrounds, but most are "wanna bee guidos" which come from other backgrounds like Brizilan. You can tell who is a guido by their outfits. They wear headbands, have spikked hair, use way too much hair spray, wear ripped jeans, roll up their jeans, and sometimes even have earrings. (They look absolutely gross all the time)They usually inhabit the local clubs such as club abyss, and while they're there they usually frolic a lot. Guidos also don't travel alone. They usually have a whole possy of friends which many call "a pack of guidos." Guidos usually think they are all that but they really are not at all.
herkulano and danny.
they are examples of "wanna bee guidos" who come from Brazilan backgrounds.

made with absolutely no love
A derogatory term for an Italian American.
Tony is a guido. Tony likes loose buttholes, especially ones of Davis.
by e3fret5 March 05, 2006

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