In more modern times, a style becoming a big sensation in tristate area. Consisting of complete followers, in recent times, most people hop on the bandwagon to fit in and get girls. Most try to get regardless of previous thoughts into the electronic music genre, yet most can't even tell you the difference between House and other electronic music, coming up with stupid answers like "House has words and trance doesn't" which all their friends quickly agree with. A Guido can't make a style decision for his life, it took five to six years for most of them to go from blowout to fohawk, the only two hairstyles they know of, not to mention most can't even do a fohawk right, making weak attempts to style one out of a tape up. The ONLY girls they ever get are shallow, dumb sluts, that can't simply see how obviously dumb and two-faced the guys they chase after are. Guido has now become a big thing for many Hispanic teens, who actually refer to themselves as Guidos?. It's definately not just an Italian thing anymore.
I met this kid at a club, didn't know how to dance or anything, was afraid to talk to a girl, so I show him how to do a little bit of house dancing, hook him up with a grind (probably his first). Months later I see the kid clad in armani exchange with a group of dirtbags, I say whats up to him and he ignores me and walks right by me, damn he was just too cool for me. I've seen this shit happen over and over with different kids, it's the guido sensation.
by Jae Tribal August 20, 2008
SEE: Douchebag.
Any of the cast members on "Jersey Shore".
by blacjac November 23, 2010
someone from the south shore of staten island ..... spiky hair, orange skin from hours of tanning, and freshly waxed eyebrows are the only way to describe them.... not to mention their "accent" which is not even an accent just a poor attempt to sound like their from brooklyn or like their black, oh and don't let the rest of staten island get a bad rap because of the guido, fake south shore. Not all italian staten islanders are guidos just the ones who choose to be.
Guido A: hey browsky u goin clubbin tonight
Guido B: yea man i just got new spinnaz on my bmw, the bitc*es are gonna love ' em.
Guido A: nice, before we go you want to go stop by the tanning loft then get out eyebows waxed?
by NorthShorian March 27, 2008
A derogatory term for an Italian American.
Tony is a guido. Tony likes loose buttholes, especially ones of Davis.
by e3fret5 March 05, 2006
first of all, being a guido is not just a fad in highschool that predominately italians wear its a way of life a mentality but if you want to stereo-type heres a description:

clothing- A/X tee shirts, diesel shirts, wife beaters,sweat jackets usally by puma or adidas part of a matching set with pants, A/x jeans ben sherman jeans , sweat pants, And capris. anything tight that shows off muscle definition.diesel shoes, nike cortezs, pumas. and let us not forget the classic A/x belt equipped with the nextel. lots of gold or silver chains some with italian horns. and kangol hats and sunglasses worn all day and all night.

Whips- BMW'S usally convertable and has a banging system and an italian flag in one or more places, cadillac's, anything expensive that will make someone say damn!

place of birth- could be anywhere but most guidos reside in northern and southern jerzee and parts of new york predominately brooklyn bensonhurst section.

hang outs- joey's in clifton (if youre from jerzee you know the place), spirit,exit, abyss,temptations,djais, any club in the area or the gym mostly gold's gym where can purchase steroidsnot all guido do steroids though.

music- techno,house, dance no rap if any very little. music that can all form a circle around eachother and dance using the guido fist pump to songs like "pump it up"-danzel, " dancin, i got the pills"-oscar g

phones- usally nextel with a cover and loud ringers and constantly showing no matter what they are wearing.

hair-takes longer to do then all your sisters combined, if you have no sisters then to put it blunt a long fucking time. cut into something called a brook, or brooklyn which consists of long spikes on top and sides but sideburns shaved to points and the back is squared off.

other needs to be a guido- tans all week, lifts wieghts and gets hair cut every week.

ethnicity-italian, mostly if not part if not you can dress like one but you are not one unless youre really fucking cool which ive met my share of
"i'm going tanning, lifting wieghts and then going to the club...nick its 4am take your sunglasses off"
by garufiguido February 18, 2005
Guidos are easily recognizable by their dark hair, overly tanned skin, thick accents & waxed eyebrows. The guido travels in packs, especially when heading to clubs to meet up w/ their deejay friends. Almost all guidos are self-proclaimed "deejays." They blast extremely loud music, usually some form of house, while they drive excessively fast.

If not at the club, the guido can be found at the gym, spending endless hours exercising and flexing in front the mirror. Though not all guidos use steroids, most do. Since most of their time is spent on their appearance and "physique," the guido typically is incapable of having a real career, but would rather work in a field of construction, telemarketing, or sales.

Even in the winter, the guido can wear a wifebeater & ripped jeans, after all he needs to show off his year long tan. Common guido attire includes tight shirts, Ed Hardy, Affliction, A|X, or any other"label" that is deemed trendy at the time. There is also the possibility that the guido will be wearing NO shirt at all while fist pumping and sticking his chest out.

Guidos have no respect for women and have no problem cheating. They also have a weakness for drugs & alcohol. They find nothing wrong with partying regularly & "clubbing" well into their 30's. Pictures of his club experiences & "deejay friends" will be all over his facebook page, but the numbers will pale in comparison to all of the photos of himself that he takes in the mirror.
"If I see one more guido loser post a picture of himself with his shirt off, I swear to god, I'm deleting my facebook page forever!!"

"Dude. It's midnight! Take your sunglasses off and stop acting like such a guido!"

The Jersey Shore.
by luckydante December 01, 2010
A species of porcupine, confined to mostly New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island

That Guido is getting attacked by a Grenade.
by LipstickRed October 19, 2010

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