people who think they're cool even though they're not very good dancers, have out of style haircuts, and are extremely greasy.
If you go to a dance club, you are bound to see guidos attempting to dance and sweating and smelling funny.
#guido #guid #rancid #greasy #disgusting
by Fankie C January 14, 2007
a young, gaudy, and sterotypical American of Italian deccent with a macho attitude, usually living in the Northeastern states
Some sleazy guido was staring at my sister.
#flashy #guido #greasy #gaudy #macho #stereotypes
by Light Joker November 23, 2006
faggot guys that are italian and wear wifebeaters and have very small penis'
mikey's spiked hair makes him look guido
#italian #faggot #penis lover #butt pirate #techno
by spf09 September 22, 2007
small cocky gorilla/monkey like creatures that are associated with the maub and have extremely small dicks but say that they are huge, 65% of the time all guidos have in their pants is a deep, pink, fish-taco smelling tunnel, this tunnel blows out a fish-taco smelling wind after the guido is through with his mexican slave (Fabio)in the bed
G-Man:i cant wait to go whack those guidos
J-dizzay:then we'll go get some posey
#guido #gorilla #monkeys #hairy #loud #italian #retard #and dimentia
by guido killa March 28, 2008
italain men who liek to listen to anything they can pump their fists too. they spend way too much time at the gym,clubbing or at a tanning salon than they do in english class. they say words like cawfee. words that come to mind when saying guido: blow out,designer sunglasses, tight pants/capris, hair gel, armani, techno, sea side heights (nj) and big gold jelwery. when you see a guido with a blown out hair style and double layered wife beaters (aka. guinnea tee's), they are usually fallowed by a trashy group of girls with their hair dyed, nails done, high heels, belly buttons pierced, too much hair spray and too bug sunglasses, fallowed by the stench of armani perfume, those are the guidettes.
"hey that kid better be careful his hair could poke someones eye out, or his pumping fist could punch someone"
"he likes it, hes a guido"
#guido #italian #techno #jersey shore #sunlasses
by jurban June 04, 2007
spends a lot of time getting ready in front of the mirror (probably longer than a woman), has enormous amounts of gel in his hair, wears a tight t-shirt or wife-beater and somehow eventually ends up with his shirt off. Ed Hardy shirts are preferred but if you're a poor guido Affliction shirts will do the trick. Other essential fashion accessories include designer sunglasses, gaudy jewelry (earrings, necklaces) and torn, stonewashed/white jeans. Steroids are almost a must and you must work out while looking into a mirror at all times. Over-Tanning is essential and a preferred look is an oompa-loompa shade of orange.The guido is very much into his looks, has a large ego, very proud of his italian ancestry, and very much into techno/euro-trance/beats music. This form of music gives way to the guido fist-pump and other forms of gyration. Guidos can dance anywhere including - but not limited to- parking lots and beaches. When guidos go out to party they engage in binge drinking, lame come-ons to anyone of the opposite sex, the guido-fist pump/dance off and the eventual roid-rage fight at the end of the night.
These guidos at the beach are cracking me up with their dancing.
#fist-pump #ed hardy #jersey shore #euro-trance #hair gel
by 305 guy December 22, 2009
where do i start...

everywhere. mostly in NJ

headbands.spikked hair. wayy to much hair spray. ripped jeans. rolled up jeans. earrings. and look absolutely groos all the time :}

frolic. period.

most inhabit the local clubs. aka CLUB ABYSS.

in packs
herkulano and danny are the biggest wannabee guidos :]]

made with absolutely no love :]
kay thanks
#guidos #ugly fags #guido #guidette #losers
by cuties :] March 02, 2007
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