A man of Italian-American descent--or at least claims to be--who spikes his hair straight up, goes tanning every single day, plucks his eyebrows, and talks in a shitty New York accent. Some of the most vile humans to ever walk the earth.
Me: Hey, do you know where the bathroom is at?
Guido: Who da fuck are you lookin' at? I oughta kick your ass ya fackin kweeyah! I take 'roids bro, ROIDS!
Me: What a fuckin' guido.
by Chris2626 May 17, 2008
A guy of Italian American decent puts tons of shit in his hair and acts like a complete douche. Usually surrounded by other douchey guidos who continuously pick on non-guido people. Many of them are also wiggers. Actually it’s all of them.

Known to be men who are only focused of getting laid by the skankiest fugly bitch-made-whore in the entire club. Also speculated to have every known STD in the world.

Perfect example is the Youtube video My New Haircut, however they left out the part where they gang rape/date rape any girl fuckin dumb/drunk enough to have no absolutely no idea who currently is fuckin em in the ass. The video also left tout the part where they talk a lot of shit and try to act like they are from the streets, any one my reference to them being wiggers, even though they all mostly live with their mothers in Staten Island (pussy lil bitch made ass pirate cunt bag monkey fucking shit land capital of the world by the way).
Jack: Dude did you see that guido get his ass beat by that guy.

John: no what happened?

Jack: The fucking Guido started talking shit to him and the guy laid his lil bitch guido ass out.

John: Shit man you kidding me!

Jack: Fuck no im not he’s completely knocked out and his boys who were talking shit too didn’t help his ass out.

John: Shit man im buying that mutha fucka a drink.
by McSYCO December 25, 2007
A cheesy motherfucker with thinning hair because he combs it too much and a dog of a girlfriend/sister called a "Stella". They wear a lot of GOLD...be it the color of their velour pants, their fake rolex or their shoes. Guidos love bling bling but not the right kind. Guidos are always catholic and love their mommas. Guidos have big noses and beedy eyes.
My dad is truly and Irish Guido.
by blah March 23, 2005
it is very hard to define a guido, but the archetype includes: an inordinate amount of hair gel, tight neon colored polo shirts (usually more than one) with the collars popped, and large designer sunglasses. this group is pretending to be of Italian decent if they aren't actually Italian. they enjoy things like lifting, being pussies and taunting without anything to back up their threats or taunts. The areas most densly populated with guidos are the Jersey Shore and parts of new york
that guy in "my new haircut" on youtube is the quintessential guido.
by hatethegamenottheplayer October 18, 2009
The biggest embarrassment to all of New Jersey. Nobody likes them in the state, and wishes they would leave. Thinks they are the coolest, but really everyone just laughs at them.
Did you see those guidos on Jersey Shore? Why can't they just cease to exist?
by bbombers2 December 03, 2009
A sad excuse for a male. Guido's spend most of their time at the Jersey shore at a bar called Dejays. There, you can find them pounding yegabombs and hitting on under age girls. The guido attire consists of shirts two sizes too small. They will then pop the collar on their shirt and undo about three or so buttons to reveal their shaven and tanned (sometimes with ingrown hairs) chest. Guidos will wear sunglasses not just during the day but also at night and inside dark night clubs. This makes them feel cool and "gangsta". They are usually involved in many violent attacks where usually 10 of them will jump one single person. This is due to their rage brought on by growth hormones and steroid which have an effect on their already undeveloped brains. Also known as Douche bags, the guido will idolize TV shows such as The Sopranos or Entourage and will try to impress douche bag girls with their Tony Montana (AlPacino in Scarface) impersonation. As mentioned before, it is best not look directly at them as this will make them feel threatened, and because they have usually overdosed on Protein powder and steroids, they may become violent and initiate a fight for no reason at all.
" Eww look at that Guido..he's all prickly. He obviously didn't shave his chest and arms today."

"What a douche"
by whatahell May 29, 2009
people who think they're cool even though they're not very good dancers, have out of style haircuts, and are extremely greasy.
If you go to a dance club, you are bound to see guidos attempting to dance and sweating and smelling funny.
by Fankie C January 14, 2007

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