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lame wannabe italian guys.
robert is a guido because of the way he dresses
by james girado September 15, 2009
Any italian guy who spikes his hair, wears baggy jeans, has a relative in the mob, loves glow sticks, takes myspace/facebook pictures shirtless, loves clubbing, and thinks hes the shit. He's not.
(in club)
guido- oh yeah, bitches, watch me freaking rave!
nearby girl- fag.
by guidos are gross. April 19, 2009
TRUE guido;you dont find many no a days...now theyr too old to be "guidos" publicly,but you catch them bumpin freestyle singing all the words to MARIA everynow and then...catch them in central every so often_chillen on ditmars ona friday night with the'r tops down;checkin out the wannabe guidettes...

a REAL guido-circa 1976 through the 80's,and the first couple years of the 90's.

guidos now SWEAR ... spiked hair (true oldschool guido does/did the hair combed back&geled)&def none of that "let me do my hair so i can lightly place a hat at the end of my head and make it fall off" bullsh*t_ gold chain (stricly gold chain,maybe a small horn,a small cross...no huge ass bling bling sh*ts like these losers)...jumping up and down in the middle of the dance floor doing moves like the bookcase...? ehhh sorry_u think your a guido,i assure you-your not.

def. found mainly down the shore,seaside&pointpleasant<--thats their spot!
bayside/whitestone&astoria are common spottings of these "new age" guidos
brooklyn is infested. & the boogie down is where all the original oldschool freestyle get-downers are at.

the only way,i believe,you know what being a guido is all about is if-and only if you have a brother,sister,zia or zio anywhere between the ages of 25-40ish and you grew up listening to freestyle with them-all day everyday,watching them put masive amounts of perfume on,masive amounts of mouse&of course your a true italian,if not first generation AT LEAST 2nd--grew up knowing that sunday was family day and there was no friend time until the fam was done.

guidos now a days are LUCKY if both their grandparents came her from italy.

&&&& guidos dont call themselves "guidos", they know theyr fly and mista joe cool_they dont have to advertise it.
im 3/4s italian and i spike my hair--im a guido,come dance.

by t.mariaa August 25, 2006
An Italian-American without class who is employed by the Mafia in a low-ranking position. Usually employed as "muscle" but can also be a bag-man, money collector, bookie, etc. Has very little chance of advancing in the Mob because of his substandard intelligence, lack of initiative/creativity, and disregard for cultural sophistication. Tends to dress flashy and a bit garish, i.e. suit coats with t-shirts and gold chains. Often found hanging around strip clubs, late-night diners, or other unofficial places of business.

Note: Can also apply to Sicilians/the Sicilian mob, or to low-ranking members of the Italian organized crime mobs which are not officially "Mafia".
Look at that Guido, trying to impress the ladies by talking about his Mafia connections. If he were really someone important, he wouldn't be talking about it. I bet he's just a thug.
by SashaPhile August 30, 2010
a wannabe italian
that guido thinks he's so italian and represents italy to the fullest but can't speak a word of italian and real italians just laugh at him.. fake ass motherfucker
by guidosrgay January 23, 2010
cheep and tacky people, usually italian not always.
kevin is a guido!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by lampy124 December 15, 2006

General: An stereotypical Italian-American male born and raised Catholic in New York or New Jersey.

Type I: The old, mafia, Tony Soprano guy. Knows a guys who knows a guy who can get your foundation fixed for cheap. Nothing beats his mama's meatballs.

Type II: The young male. Roots usually can be traced back to Sicilly, even though he has never left the country and doesn't own a passport. Nor can he speak more than a dozen words in Italian.

Interests of Type II (or "The Next Generation"):

-Cars: BMW 3 series and/or Honda Civic. Tints, a "bangin" stereo system that blasts music no one with taste wants to hear, one or more Italian flags, added rims, holes in the muffler.
-Women: Long hair that they touch too much out of insecurity, fake tan, implants, frosty lipstick, white jeans, gold earrings and/or necklaces with their name on it, easy to bed, giggles a lot, extra points if she is named Maria or Gina. Should put out after the first date or else is considered "a tease" or "a lesbian", yells a lot, gold diggers.
-Self: Going to the gym, being latently homosexual, too much hair gel or grease (large, defined spikes or slicked back), fake tan, date rape, weed, cocaine, gambling, Newport cigarettes, blue collar jobs, lacking culture, curses a lot, going to clubs in Manhattan, cash money (no wallet), gaudy jewelry, hanging out in packs, being short (read: Napolean complex), looking in the mirror, white caps and/or visors tilted the side, taking photographs while smirking with their chins raised up, being smug, starting every sentence with "yo", white clothes, wearing dress shirts that they don't tuck in, Adidas (white), talking loudly, anal sex with females, often getting into bar fights, gold watches that don't fit properly, polo shirts with popped collars, diamond earrings, spoiled brats, The Mets, proud ignorance, high school level education.
That guido with the popped collar just offered me coke for oral sex in his BMW 325i, but he put my eye out with his spiky hair.
by Po-Bo. March 17, 2006