although the above definition is superb, there are some things that have been left out. guidos love glow sticks, techno, and hair gel. they are huge pussies.
guidos dance around nightclubs with their glowsticks
by i hate italians May 27, 2005
A male who thinks they are italian living in america whose italian roots died out generations ago but still embarrising the italian community. He lives primarely in New York or New Jersey, see shit hole. He drives a honda civic with a flowmaster exhaust while also spending hours on his hair. He is a bad driver because he is talking to dumb blondes who think he is sexy on his expensive cell phone that his mommy bought him while not watching the road. He is also a metro sexual.
The Gottis are an example of guidos.
by alex clobes January 08, 2006
A guy who works out way too much, wears muscle shirts, has his hair slicked back, and has problems forming a coherent sentence.
"look at the guy by the bar, he is such a Guido"
by Rodger Dodger August 01, 2003
cologne reeking, structure wearing, too much gel motherfucker that'll hit on your girlfriend while you're standing right there. he will also start talking to a girl you're talking to like you ane't there- usually has to little fag friends to back is pussy ass up incase you retaliate. he is not necessarily italian as the name might suggest.
i just met this hottie, then some guido steps in and cock blocks
by drunkenstein April 16, 2004
The most vile people on earth. They most often live in New Jersey, Staten Island, or Brooklyn and come into New York for the purpose of crowding up clubs and being complete jackasses. Always wear at least a pound of grease in their hair, always have fake tans, walk around like they're big shit, and get drunk then try to pick fights with as many people as they can.

Guidos and their ilk can be known to inhabit such Manhattan clubs as Exit, Lotus, and Avalon, as well as many pizzeria/diner in Coney Island or South Jersey.
If you want to see a guido, look at the line outside Exit any night.
by rellybois March 14, 2005
A disgusting sweaty italian man who has no respect for women, dresses like a piece of shit in velour suits and gold chain with greasy hair and a bad attitude. These scums reside in south jersey , some in new york. They have a stupid cheesy accent to go along with their shitty style. Sometimes they wear 80s shirts or tank tops and a pair of baggy pants and sometims they wear armani knock off. Depends if they are at club , beach , etc. STay well away from them or at least try to cause they have no respect for women or dudes they with. They are rude , ignorant, foul mouth punks who need a good ass whippin. Greasebags.
Joey Buttafuco is a greasy guido
The dude you see at the beach with a fake gold chain on and a tank top or wife beater, hes the one makin stupid faces and tryin to act tough or macho and likes hes hot shit when hes really nothin- just a worthless greasebag guido.
by guido hater/ damn italians February 26, 2005
Stupid fucks that are usually italians and try to be basasses by having the thick brooklyn accents to scare people but in reality they are just pussys. These people often wear to much coligne, wear gold chains, wear wife beaters, somthing from the armani exchange, and are usually pretty stupid. They often open their big mouths and brag about somthing stupid (like killing some one, robbing a house etc) and end up getting caught. They also usually have what little hair they have spicked up like they got electrcuted.
That stupid fuck danny pelosi had to open his big guido mouth about killing the guy now hes in jail 25yrs-life.

Tyson put your hair down your look like a fucking guido.

That fucking guido tried to scare me with his italian/brooklyn accent but it didnt faze me
by big tim February 03, 2005
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