an approximation based on calculation
Before you guesstimate, do a little more research on the subject.
by The Return of Light Joker May 23, 2010
A word used by Dr. Cox from Scrubs.
A guess and an estimate.
"My guesstimate would be that you'd make 100 million $ after the first suscription..."
by ;angeeel. April 20, 2009
To guess instead of actually using any proper way of estimating, therefore using less effort than estimating
It said to estimate in the math question, but I CBF so I guesstimated
by Lissalicious August 31, 2008
A combination of Guessing and Estimating you find the guesstimate by:
1. Guess
2. Estimate
3. Find the difference between the two.
4. Add them up
5. Divide by two
6. Plus 17
7. Subtract two
YAY! I solved the problem by using the Guesstimate Strategy!
by Grace October 09, 2003

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