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A shitty and talentless band that plays Excrement falsely classified as rock music. The common Jonas Brothers fan that I have come across claims to be a hardcore rocker. When these fans are asked about rock legends such as Led Zeppelin, Lynard Skynard, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, or Nirvana they scratch their head in confusion.
Jimmy: My favorite band is the Jonas Brothers.

Bob: What the hell happened to Slayer, Pantera, or Metallica? I hate this world.
by Coerce1 March 17, 2009
The long definition:

A man who believes that the past few centuries of scientific data developed by thousands of great minds is all wrong and that the earth was conjured in 6 days 6,000 years ago by an invisible man. Totally ignorant to carbon dating(or anything any relevant to science for that matter), these people remain as primitive as we once were in the middle ages.

The short definition:

One whose IQ is vastly exceeded by his shoe size.
Bob: Poor Kent Hovind, he thinks the earth is 6,000 years old.
Kevin: Crazy Young earth creationists hold back true science.
by Coerce1 March 17, 2009
1. Originally used by morons who like to make up words, guesstimate is a combination of two words that don't mean quite the same thing; A combination of the words Guess and Estimate that has adopted the meaning of the word guess.

2. To Guess; To draw a conclusion with little or no reason to believe so.
Bob: How high are we on this building?
Mark: I'd say about 10 stories.
Bob: That sounds like a good guesstimate.
Mark: (Silent in awe of Bobs stupidity)
by Coerce1 May 17, 2009
The thing that interrupts the answer to a question on an episode of 'Lost'.
John: What's that fog that keeps appearing?
Mike: Shh... It's on
TV: And the fog is--

*Credits roll*

John and Mike: DAMN IT!
by Coerce1 March 07, 2009
An otherwise good game overcrowded by children, noobs, illiterates, stuck-up higher levels and sore losers.

This game can be played for free and certain benefits befall those willing to pay a monthly fee.
"I am going to play RuneScape"

"I just met the biggest noob on RuneScape"

"I just got a level up on RuneScape"
by Coerce1 March 07, 2009
1. A homophobics insult to a harmless Minority.

2. A cigarette

See also, Homophobia, Homosexual
"Quit being a fag"
by Coerce1 March 07, 2009

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